App Uploader

The App Uploader is an development assistant tool for submitting iOS APP to the App Store, which solves the troublesome problems of iOS APP development and submission process, and improves the efficiency of cross-platform APP developers submitting Apple applications to the App Store. Solve the problem of creating iOS developer certificate and iOS release profile without Mac. App developers can easily and quickly upload an IPA to the App Store on Windows, Linux or Mac.


Submit IPA to App Store

You can submit ipa to appstore in windows,linux and Mac computer with appuploader,not need xcode ,more efficient and convenient than Application Loader

IOS Certification Manage

You can create and manage certificate in windows ,linux or mac, not need chain tool and certificate request file. Certificate will be created when you click add after enter certificate password, It is easy sync certificate between different computers with appuploader which providing auto synchronize service.

IOS Profile Manage

You can create and manage profile file in windows ,linux or mac, not need chain tool and certificate request file.

iOS app store meta tool

Quickly upload screenshots, keyword descriptions, localized information and in-app purchases information to the iOS App Store. This greatly improves the efficiency of application setup

Install Ipa

Install the IPA onto the phone or iPad for running and testing, supporting both USB and QR code installation to make the installation and testing process seamless

Other functions

Develop without $99 payment

$99 payment is not necessary If you just wanna develop and test ios app --not include push ,payment function-- on your device.

Plist Editor

Include a small tool to view and edit .plist file

Meta data batch Upload

You can upload ipa description,screenshot,keyword,localization ,iap in batches, putting all those in a excel file

Android Certificate Create

A small tool create Android develop certificate

Test device UDID manage

Add ,enable ,disable test device udid in appuploader

App bundle id manage

Manage and view App bundle id,add and create are supported

Security and reliability win customer trust